Welcome sleepy listeners in the Milky Way. This is Space Cat KoKo and I have received a memo from The Galactic Guppy.  


After the rescue of life forms on Earth, The Galactic Guppy has received many reports of focus and sleep issues from the Earth Humans. To help with focus, relaxation and sleep, Space Cat KoKo (whispers…oh … that’s me) has been assigned to … Sleepy Reads. Space Cat Koko’s task is to record audio logs, in a calm voice (just like I’m doing now), of handbooks, manuals, and how to books from vintage Earth. They will help with focus, blocking out hums of space stations, star ship vibrations, sleep, snoring plants, knowledge of vintage life on Earth before the Age of Destruction, focus, robot squeaks, relaxation, purring snufflepods  … well listeners …. this memo goes on and on with various ways the audio logs can help with sleep issues, focus, and relaxation. I will skip to the end … of the memo … ok … here it is … moon daubers drinking, and crater crunching. Audio logs are available for all of you in the Milky Way. Rest well in your space and ignore all piles of socks. End of memo. The Galactic Guppy of the Milky Way.

You know, I bet Sleepy Reads will work waaaay better for sleep than that gribble magnet. I mean … at the time … it was a good idea.  Anyway …. as they are found, Earth texts are dropped off to me at the space station. A couple received so far are Making a Rock Garden, and a Ford Manual from 1919.  

On Earth days, Tuesdays and Thursdays, the audio logs, (or as they were called, podcast episodes), for Sleepy Reads will be saved to the Shared Universal Space Transmission Unit in your favorite Podcast App or wherever you listen to podcasts. Good night, rest well in your space, and ignore all piles of socks ….trust me…ignore all piles. 

Thank you for listening. Sleepy Reads is produced by Spicy Pony Design. For more information and transcripts, go to

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